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Questions we get a lot

How does Implicit Marketing Research work?

The core methodology is elegantly simple, but never simplistic.

Implicit Marketing Research builds on over 45 years of associative network theory in cognitive psychology. We determine associative strength by measuring reaction times on a bipolar categorization task. A great body of research shows that when two thought-concepts are associated (i.e., there are many neurons wiring the two concepts together), human brains are able to respond faster to incoming stimuli. On the other hand, when two concepts are unrelated or opposed (i.e., few neurons wiring the concept together, or many neurons wiring to an opposite concept), our brains require more time to process the stimulus. Our profound methodology is designed measure this processing time in milliseconds.

By providing randomized trials of different pairs of stimuli, we are able to reliably define associative strength through reaction-time differences.

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