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Product and Packaging Identifier

“Which product or packaging design contributes most to brand identity, recognizability and sales?””

Advertising is merely the first station of the branding train. A major part of both sales and brand identity is shaped by what consumers see and feel at the point of purchase: the product and its packaging. Small intricate details are capable of unconsciously guiding the customer’s choice.

The Product and Packaging Identifier discards the guesswork from product and packaging design in favor of a rigorously profound scientific method. It enables to maximally reflect brand identity through associations, resulting in a competitive edge in recognizability and inducement of positive feelings. Which, in turn, leads the majority of emotion-driven consumer behavior (Scarabis, 2006).




New opportunities


Packaging. Advertising.


Research Set-up

These elements can be explored by the Product and Packaging Identifier:

  • Images
  • Color
  • Shape
  • Copywriting
  • Texture
  • Logos
  • Typography
  • Size

Together with our client, we determine which product or packaging elements are likely to yield a significant influence on branding, sales and consumer attention.

Depending on the targeted elements, we will continue with either a Visual Association Test or Experience-based Association Test.

The latter refers to an experimental procedure in which two or more groups of participants actually interact with (a prototype of) the product or its packaging. This advanced technique is especially insightful when researching the effects of tactile elements such as texture, size and shape.



What's next?

After the research has been conducted, the results will be neatly presented in a research report. Each element or variant will be displayed with its respective brand-fit score and/or global positivity rating, both ranging from -200 to 200.


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Our Research Methods

Brand Analysis

“How does our brand rank on a specific association?”

Brand Tracking

“How does our brand identity develop over time?”

Campaign Analysis

"To what extent did a campaign impact our brand identity?"

Message Identifier

"Which message elements contribute most to our brand identity?"

Packaging Identifier

"Which product or packaging design contributes most to brand identity, recognizability and sales?"


Brand Extension Analysis

"How well does this brand extension fit our brand?"

Positioning Identifier

"Which brand positions are available in the customer's mind?"