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Brand Tracking

“How does our brand identity change over time?”

Powerful brand identities result from years of carefully sculpting and carving, during which even the most intricate details are shaped in a consistent manner. Once built, a brand identity is relatively resistant to change. Nonetheless, even the most profound identity can spiral downward. Sometimes gradually. Sometimes like a rollercoaster.

Brand Tracking charts your most valuable brand associations once every quarter of a year, or at another set interval. This enriches your brand with a steady flow of the latest insights into how its identity truly develops in the marketplace.








Research Set-up

First, together with our client, we determine which brand associations deserve long-term mapping, often pertaining to three to five core associations that hold the entire brand identity together. These brand associations are derived from the preexisting branding strategy, optionally complemented by exploratory research methods such as the free association tests and structured interviews.

Subsequently, we will compose a preliminary brand identity profile, consisting of the most influential brand associations. This profile will be further validated by a unidimensional association test.

After the core associations have been satisfactorily validated, the associative strength will be periodically investigated. As a general guideline, we uphold an optimal three-month interval between each research cycle.

implicit brand associations


What's next?

The Brand Tracking enriches brands with temporal insights and allows them to reflect upon recent marketing activities and general marketplace developments affecting their identity. Additionally, the analysis timely alarms for undesirable trends, thus proving guidance for upcoming campaigns.

We will present the research outcomes and implications after each interval. In this regard, context is key. The results will therefore be considered simultaneously with general data trends, new campaign activities and external events that may have impacted brand image. If desired, we provide supplementary consultation on translating insights into action.


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Our Research Methods

Brand Analysis

“How does our brand rank on a specific association?”

Brand Tracking

“How does our brand identity develop over time?”

Campaign Analysis

"To what extent did a campaign impact our brand identity?"

Message Identifier

"Which message elements contribute most to our brand identity?"

Packaging Identifier

"Which product or packaging design contributes most to brand identity, recognizability and sales?"


Brand Extension Analysis

"How well does this brand extension fit our brand?"

Positioning Identifier

"Which brand positions are available in the customer's mind?"