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Campaign Effectiveness Analysis

“To what extent did a campaign impact brand identity?”

The true effects of an advertising campaign on brand identity were always hard to pin down.

Since branding occurs largely through an unconscious process of evaluative conditioning (De Houwer, 2008), traditional marketing metrics provide little insight. The Campaign Effectiveness Scan illuminates the true impact of a marketing campaign by quantifying brand identity over time by a pre- and post-test.








Research Set-up

Together with our client, we analyze the upcoming campaign. This first step aims to pinpoint the associations that are to be enhanced by the campaign. These are often predetermined in the campaign’s objectives.

Subsequently, the Campaign Effectiveness Analysis measures these associations on at least two occasions. Optionally, we perform the same analysis on competitive brands, thereby ruling out any associative shifts that may have spread to the entire market; a potential negative side-effect of advertising when a brand is surrounded by highly similar competitors (Kumar&Krishnan, 2004).

Relevant association can be found across four levels of the brand: product features, goals, identity and overall evaluation.

implicit brand associations


What's next?

The research report neatly shows the progress over time for each association. You get an instant overview of how your brand identity is enhanced by a campaign.

We strongly recommend to consider the Campaign Effective Scan results in unison with other metrics of campaign effectiveness. While brand associations make up a significant part of the success equation, of course, other variables such as buying intention, top-of-mind awareness, word-of-mouth and repeat purchase tell an additional part of the story.


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Our Research Methods

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Brand Tracking

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Campaign Analysis

"To what extent did a campaign impact our brand identity?"

Message Identifier

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Packaging Identifier

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Brand Extension Analysis

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Positioning Identifier

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