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Message Identifier

“Which message elements (e.g., a celebrity, a sound, a color) contribute most to my brand identity?”

Which celebrity is most suitable to endorse your brand? Which background tune accompanying your commercial puts your audience in the best mood? Which color is the best choice for your print-ad?

The Message Identifier removes the guesswork from branding and marketing. It offers powerful predictions about which message elements will contribute most to your overall brand identity, evaluation and sales. Even an ad’s most obscure details are capable of adding brand value through unconscious process of conditioning (De Houwer, 2008).




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Research Set-up

The Message Identifier predicts the effectiveness of specific stimuli used as part of an advertising campaign. From Apple’s Think Different to Cottonelle’s cute puppy: these elements automatically trigger the identity-reinforcing thoughts and feelings desirable to the respective brands. When the research is utilized in the early phases of a campaign, we will commence with an exploratory brainstorm and research to determine which message elements are valuable to examine implicitly.

In addition, the Message Identifier can be employed ad hoc during later phases of production. Here, associations come at play regarding the actors, music, colors, copywriting specifics and other secondary stimuli.


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What's next?

After the research has been conducted, the results will be neatly presented in a research report. Each message element or variant will be displayed with its respective brand-fit score and/or global positivity rating, both ranging from -200 to 200.

As such, the results won’t merely grant a blatant yes-or-no answer, but instead a degree of appropriateness for your branding objectives, thus enabling comparison between elements.


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We never seize to be amazed by the scope and possibilities that implicit marketing research brings to the table. It's a true game-changer.

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Our Research Methods

Brand Analysis

“How does our brand rank on a specific association?”

Brand Tracking

“How does our brand identity develop over time?”

Campaign Analysis

"To what extent did a campaign impact our brand identity?"

Message Identifier

"Which message elements contribute most to our brand identity?"

Packaging Identifier

"Which product or packaging design contributes most to brand identity, recognizability and sales?"


Brand Extension Analysis

"How well does this brand extension fit our brand?"

Positioning Identifier

"Which brand positions are available in the customer's mind?"