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Measuring the Unconscious

Amsterbrand offers powerful implicit research methods that quantify what customer's unconsciously think and feel about your brand.

How Implicit Marketing Research Works

Research tools

Brand Analysis

“How does our brand rank on a specific association?”

Brand Tracking

“How does our brand identity develop over time?”

Campaign Analysis

"To what extent did a campaign impact our brand identity?"

Message Identifier

"Which message elements contribute most to our brand identity?"

Packaging Identifier

"Which product or packaging design contributes most to brand identity, recognizability and sales?"


Brand Extension Analysis

"How well does this brand extension fit our brand?"

Positioning Identifier

"Which brand positions are available in the customer's mind?"


Consumers don’t say what they feel

(And they don’t do what they say)

Traditional marketing metrics such as surveys and focus groups capture only a fraction of what consumers truly think and feel about your brand.

People rarely choose brands by conscious thinking. Instead, their choices are governed by unconscious associations. We believe sound marketing research should tap into the deep unconscious.

measure implicit associations

Implicit Brand Associations

Our goal is plain and simple: quantifying brand identity.

Amsterbrand offers state-of-the-art Reaction Time methods to measure implicit brand associations. We built upon a wealth of scientifically validated research on implicit cognition and associative learning.

Implicit brand associations map how your brand identity and advertising endeavors are represented in the customer’s mind. By exploring implicit associations, we erase the guesswork from branding.
implicit associations reaction times
tom van bommel research director

Tom van Bommel
Science Director

The most exciting thing in marketing research, is uncovering what consumers can't say.

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We never seize to be amazed by the scope and possibilities that implicit marketing research brings to the table. It's a true game-changer.

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